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counseling in cincinnati, Sam Nabil Counselor

Sam Nabil, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor/

Therapist & Life Coach 

Hi, I'm Sam Nabil, Founder of Sam Nabil Counseling Services.


I am a therapist , Marriage Counselor and Life Coach. In my practice , my colleagues and myself  provide Marriage Counseling, Therapy & Life Coaching for adults experiencing relationship challenges, life transitions, and anxiety. Our services are provided from my four office locations in Cincinnati, and online for my international and out of state clients.

My main office is in Blue Ash, Ohio. For your convenience, my colleagues and I keep office hours in my locations in Downtown Cincinnati, Hyde Park & West Chester in Cincinnati, as well as my Florence office in Northern Kentucky.  


I draw on 15+ years of experience in human behavior, human performance, and organizational behavior from my careers in counseling, business, marketing and sports.


I also bring to my counseling / therapy & life coaching a broad  multicultural experience having lived/studied/worked in half a dozen countries around the world.

* New Service


Using state of the art HIPPA compliant encrypted video communication, we are happy to announce that we are providing Online therapy and Online Marriage Counseling for Ohio residents. For my International and out of state clients we are providing online Life coaching  and Online Couples Coaching.  


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Therapist in Cincinnati



Empowering adults to create and live their ideal life.



Provide exceptional counseling to adults that suits their unique individual therapy needs.

Therapy & Coaching Specialties


Relationship Counseling, Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Life Transitions Counseling, Personal Growth, Anxiety Counseling, Stress Counseling, Loneliness Counseling, Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Sexual Intimacy, Depression Counseling, Self Esteem Counseling, Grief Counseling, Sports & Performance Counseling, Online Counseling, Online Marriage Counseling, Online Life Coaching   

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Therapy Locations Served


Main Office / Blue Ash Location:

4555 Lake Forest Drive #650

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Downtown Location:

312 Walnut Street #1600

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Hyde Park Location:

3805 Edwards Road, #550

Cincinnati, Ohio 45209

West Chester Location:

9078 Union Centre Blvd #350

West Chester, Ohio 45069

Florence/ Northern Kentucky Location:

7310 Turfway Rd #550,

Florence, KY 41042

Doing business outside Cincinnati as

Naya Clinics

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