It has been called many things. Couples therapy, marriage counseling, and relationship counseling, but what exactly is it? Marriage and couples counseling is a form of psychotherapy designed to assist and guide adults in intimate relationships who are struggling with their communication, cooperation, sense of belonging, intimacy, and sex in their relationship amongst other concerns.



As a marriage counselor, I offer relationship counseling for couples in Cincinnati, Columbus, Northern Kentucky as well as online marriage counseling for out of state and international clients.


A relationship  counselor's approach to couples’ therapy will help you:

  1. When you aren't communicating.

  2. When your interactions are mostly negative. 

  3. When you're scared to open up 

  4. When you are punishing each other by being mean to one another

  5. When you don’t see yourself as a team 

  6. When you can’t be honest with each other 

  7. When you are having an affair or want to have an affair. 

  8. When you feel the only way to stay together is if your partner changes who they are

  9. When you are not being intimate and not having sex. 


In couples counseling, the relationship is the focus. As a marriage counselor, I fully expect the individuals to be ready and willing to work on their personal self growth and self discovery in parallel to our couples' work. In fact, i will often act in the role of both a marriage counselor and an individual counselor, and see the partners seprately for individual counseling as part of the relationship counseling process.


In my experience as a marriage counselor in Cincinnati, Columbus, Northern Kentucky and an online marriage counselor , many couples are entirely unaware of their dynamics, how they talk to each other, how they look at each other, and how they come off to one another. Even more importantly, most adults I have seen in couples counseling are oblivious to their own coping mechanisms, how they manage stress, why certain behaviors tick them off, and why certain traits in their partner drives them mad.


For example, take this quick relationship quiz. When you are fighting with your significant other, which of these coping mechanisms do they usually employ? fight, flight, flee, freeze, hide, or submit? If you know the answer to this question, do you know WHY this is their coping mechanism? Do you know a better way to approach them so that they do not need to use coping mechanisms when they are in a conversation with you? These are the types of questions we would answer together.


Ready for another relationship quiz? What are 3 things you can do to instantly improve your communication with your significant other? Do you know what Mirroring is? How about validating? How about empathizing? These immensely useful and necessary skills and much more will be covered in the sessions.


Try Our Life Changing online Relationship Tester, the "Relationship Map"


As a relationship therapist, I offer relationship counseling in Cincinnati, Columbus, Northern Kentucky as well as online relationship counseling for couples who want to experience exceptional intimacy and connection in their relationships.


Happy couples have one thing in common: they have a much higher ratio of positive to negative interactions on a day to day basis. That may seem like common sense, but if you take a closer look at your interactions with your significant other, is that the case for your relationship? I would bet good money that it isn’t if you are reading this article.


I can show you how to radically improve the ratio of your positive interaction and use that as building blocks for a satisfying and fulfilling relationship.


Unhappy couples have things in common as well.  Their interactions are filled with four very distinct qualities:


  1. Criticism

  2. Defensiveness,

  3. Contempt, and

  4. Stone walling (turning a deaf ear)


I will guide you how to avoid these destructive tendencies, and how to turn these damaging interactions into what couples’ therapists often call positive emotional override, which is the building block of a happy and fulfilling relationship.


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