There are 3 main differences between online counseling/online therapy, and online coaching:

  1. Therapy is a highly organized profession requiring intensive schooling and license to practice. The counseling license can only be acquired after meeting certain educational and practical criteria as well as going through intensive supervised training. Despite state requirements to receive a license to practice counseling being similar, a Licensed counselor is legally and ethically required to practice only in the state where they have acquired licnesure. Life Coaching does not - as of yet - require formal schooling, and a Life coach can practice life coaching without geographical limitations.

  2. A licensed professional counselor is required by insurance companies to provide a mental health diagnosis for all clients to be paid for service. A Life coach does not need to provide a mental health diagnosis to work with a client.

  3. Most counseling services are covered by insurance. Most life coaching services are not covered by insurance.



My online therapy clients have a few things in common...


They want to remain anonymousExamples include athletes, coaches, public figures, and lawyers. They do not want to be seen entering a therapist/ Life Coach's office. Online therapy provides you complete privacy and anonymity.

They are busy:  Examples include CEO's, entrepreneurs, and public figures who have enormous demands on their time. Let's face it. Whether you live in a city or a suburb, whether you drive your own car or have a driver, you probably will spend more time getting to your counseling or Life coaching appointment than at the actual appointment. Navigating traffic and finding parking spots take precious time and effort that you would be better served investing into your many other responsibilities. 

They are seeking convenience and flexibility: Online Therapy is an investment, and might not covered by insurance in many cases. 


  • Online Therapy is not suitable for everyone.

  • Sam Nabil Counseling Services will conduct a preliminary assessment for all clients seeking online therapy to ascertain the suitability of this modality for the client.

  • Sam Nabil Counseling Services reserves the right to terminate the online therapy and/or refer clients seeking online therapy to other services and/or providers at any point, -even after the therapy relationship has started- if we deem the client to be not suitable for online therapy, or if we determine that the client challenges are outside the scope of our core competencies.


  • To ensure the safety and well being of our clients, and to provide the exceptional care that our clients are accustomed to, we will not accept clients who are suicidal, are struggling with substance abuse, or require close monitoring for our online therapy services. We would be happy to schedule you to come see one of our talented therapists and coaches in our offices. 


As your online therapist, I will challenge and motivate you, as well as work with you to answer some of life’s major questions. In the process of exploring your attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs around these questions, we will find the drive, focus, and determination needed to create and live your optimal life, both in the business and the personal space.


Some questions we will explore together will be

  • What areas of your professional/personal life are working in a positive manner?

  • What areas could use improvement?

  • What do you want your legacy to be?

  • What is your best case scenario in your personal and professional life?

  • What beliefs do you have that serve you well as you pursue future goals?

  • What beliefs do you have that are not serving you?

  • What do you need to do to take your life to the next step?


  • A trusted name for providing counseling and life coaching services

  • Best Reviewed Counseling and Life Therapy provider in Ohio

  • Best of Thumbtack 2015 and 2016

  • Encrypted and HIPPA compliant secure video connection.

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