Self-compassion is an emotionally positive self-attitude that should protect against the negative consequences of self-judgment, isolation, and rumination (Neff, 2003). The concept of self-compassion derives from Eastern philosophical thoughts and is a relatively new c...

What is online counseling?

We are an increasingly technological driven society.  At any given moment, most of us are no more than a quick reach away from some a smart phone, tablet or laptop device.  This has not only changed the way we communicate with each other infor...

In America, the average full-time employee spends a third of their lives at work. This is a considerable amount of time and can have a measurable effect on many aspects of individuals’ lifestyle, potentially affecting mood, mental health and overall sense wellness expe...

Sadly enough most people often come to couples therapy when their relationship is at the lowest low. The question I can see on many of my past clients faces is “Is it worth it?” Is it worth it to put in all this work to something that feels so broken? Is it worth it to...

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Coronavirus Update for our Clients

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