Roughly 15 million Americas - around 7.5 million unmarried couples – made the decision to move in together in the same home in 2009, the US Census Bureau says.

If you’re cautious about potentially moving in with a girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or spouse because of your...

Knowing the difference between an anxiety attack vs panic attack is important. Knowing how to treat an anxiety vs panic attack can get you healthy again.

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Have you ever experienced an overwhelming feeling that left you physically...

Problems arise in every relationship. It's how you take care of them that matters. Online couples counseling can offer you instant therapy on your time table.

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Do you feel something's wrong in your relationship?

There's no shame if you...

No one is immune to anxiety, right? Job interviews, hosting family holiday events, public speaking obligations, writing blog posts for the world to judge….. Oh the fear!  Not to mention the heavy hitter fears like health issues, financial difficulties, and relationship...

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