In today’s world, we are inundated with a barrage of news headlines and stories on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. We wake up and glance at our phones or devices to get the first glimpse of whatever headlines have pushed their way through that morning. We are reminded...

Are you putting a lot into your relationship without getting anything in return? Click here to find out the 10 signs that you're in a one-sided relationship.

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It's common and perfectly okay for couples to experience ups and downs in thei...

Infidelity can shake a relationship to its core. Read on to learn when a marriage can and should survive after a partner has been unfaithful.

Keyword(s): unfaithful

Finding out your partner was unfaithful to you might be one of the most heartbreaking moments in life. It...

It is very likely that someone you know is currently struggling with addiction. It could be a relative, co-worker, neighbor or close friend. It could be a person you see every day, yet there are no obvious signs. They may have great jobs, loving friends and family, and...

Healthy boundaries in relationships are a delicate two-step. We dance with partners in many relationship dynamics including our romantic partners, our bosses and coworkers, and friends and family members. While it’s true that some people just instinctively set healthy...

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