When I think back to when I gave birth to my son, 17, with special needs, I clearly remember quickly learning about the laundry list of milestones my son may be delayed in achieving. I also learned there was so much information that solely focused on the challenges.


We are nearing that time of year, once again. The time when you may feel your energy diminishing and your mood seems to lower as days go by. Maybe this is something you’ve dealt with for years and can feel coming on, or this may be your first time experiencing such a d...

We may take the leap and go all into things like there is no middle spot.

And that often seems to work for us. It feels like always being on the high wave, getting things done, maintaining the happiest relationships and believing with certainty that we can achieve absol...

One question I often ask clients is “what do you do for self-care?” Some clients are unfamiliar with the term. Self-care, according to Wikipedia, is “any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.” I like to ex...

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Coronavirus Update for our Clients

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