Most poor mental performances in athletics are tied to doubt, distraction, and hesitation.

Overriding these demons and “I can’t” thinking is vital. The first step
is to know our typical reaction to threat (our primal competitive response).

Do you fight, flee, or freeze...


What do you mean?

So. You’re going through a fresh break up. And you really don’t want to lose your partner. Every part of you wants to try and figure out how to get them back. You feel like you’ve tried everything, but nothing is working. She still wants to end the r...

More and more, it feels like waiting is no longer an option. Can’t get a reservation to your favorite restaurant? Uber Eats has you covered. No need to wait until next Thursday to watch the next episode of your favorite television show. Now you can binge watch the whol...

Loneliness.  It’s something we don’t tend to talk about and less rarely admit.

There is even such a stigma around it  that some people are more inclined to admit they are depressed than lonely. But loneliness is very common and can hit anyone, at any time, and at any a...

Quotes can be incredibly powerful to us, especially during difficult times. They may be inspirational, motivational, or simply words that one can connect to. If you’re someone who uses social media, you likely see quotes used daily by your friends for various reasons....

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