Can a Marriage Survive When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful?

February 23, 2018


Infidelity can shake a relationship to its core. Read on to learn when a marriage can and should survive after a partner has been unfaithful.


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Finding out your partner was unfaithful to you might be one of the most heartbreaking moments in life. It can be shocking, confusing, mind-numbing, and even sad. And in the midst of the situation, there might be some questions swirling in a person's mind.


Why me? Why did they cheat? Did I cause this? Am I not good enough for them? Am I worthy of love and respect? How do I/we survive this? Where did it all go wrong?


The great memories you shared don't feel real anymore. Can your marriage survive when your partner has been unfaithful?


Keep reading to find out.




Reasons Why Some Partners are Unfaithful


One or both spouses in 41 percent of marriages admit to physical or emotional infidelity. 22 percent of married men admit to straying at least once whereas married women are at 14 percent.


Here are several reasons why people cheat:





Dissatisfaction in the Relationship


Couples in struggling relationships may fight every day about big and small issues. These can be about money, raising kids, or where to spend the holidays. Others feel dissatisfied with the quality of sex with their partners.

This breakdown in emotional connection pushes them to seek new partners to fill the void. New partners reignite the spark they crave in their current relationships.


Situational Reasons

The risk of infidelity rises in specific situations. For example, the CDC reports that excessive drinking leads to risky sexual behaviors. This may include having sex with multiple partners or failing to use protection.


An Individual's Nature or Personality

Some people cheat because it's their nature. The body releases the hormone dopamine during pleasurable moments. Scientists believe gene variations play a role in infidelity and sexual promiscuity.


It feels unnatural to curb their instincts in favor of a monogamous relationship. As such, they don't hesitate when extramarital opportunities arise.


Cultural Changes

Changes in culture continue defining what is now acceptable to the public. These changes are due to factors such as the internet, access to media, and the power of Hollywood.


Thus, we see people who choose open relationships. Others think cheating is okay as long as their partner doesn't find out. We also have media houses pushing stories about marriage not being important.


These assaults on marriage and changing attitudes are putting more pressure on couples. In the end, their commitment to one another will determine if one will remain faithful.



Recovering From Infidelity in Marriage


Infidelity can make spouses feel grief, anxiety, stress, anger, and insignificance. Other effects may be distrust, retaliation, depression, and obsessing over the betrayal.


It creates an environment that threatens the well-being and safety of the spouses. Moreover, it harms extended family relationships and friendships. If you are a prominent person, it brings shame.


Can a marriage survive when a partner is unfaithful? It depends on many factors. If the couple is willing to find solutions, there are some steps they can consider. These include:


1. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the glue that binds relationships and helps people overcome their differences. It allows people to release pain, shame, and feelings of injustice. It breaks down the barriers that hinder growth in a relationship.

Without forgiveness, you remain a victim of the betrayal and of the relationship. Forgiveness opens the room for dialogue. It doesn't mean you have forgotten the pain. It is an opportunity to begin the process of repairing the damage. That's not to say it will be easy. Far from it!


2. Taking Responsibility

It will take time before the raw emotions subside. Once that happens, the partners should find a way to talk. The cheating partner has to take responsibility for their actions. The first step is to end the affair immediately.

Second, the couple should talk about <